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Gain powerful insights into every potential hire. Message, schedule interviews, and access advanced hiring analytics for service and hospitality businesses of all sizes.

Bye Bye Resumes and Applications

And Hello Happy Hires 🍈

Cantaloupe simplifies hiring, reduces turnover rates, and ensures job seeker-role compatibility. Advanced analytics, in-app messaging, and compatibility scores make finding the right talent easier.

Cantaloupe streamlines the hiring process by simplifying the steps involved, making it efficient and effective for both employers and job seekers.

Reduced Turnover

By reducing turnover rates, Cantaloupe helps businesses save time and resources spent on frequent hiring processes, leading to a more stable workforce.

Improved Compatibility

Cantaloupe ensures job seeker-role compatibility by matching candidates to roles that align with their skills and preferences, resulting in better job satisfaction and retention rates.

Informed Decisions

With advanced analytics, in-app messaging, and compatibility scores, Cantaloupe empowers businesses to make informed hiring decisions and find the right talent for their needs.

*Research on Hospitality Lead Times, Cantaloupe Technologies Corporation. 2023

Employer Benefits

Auto-Matching Technology for Efficient Hiring

Employers can save time and improve efficiency with Cantaloupe's advanced auto-matching technology. Say goodbye to manual candidate searching and let our system pair you with the perfect candidates for your service and hospitality business.

Enhance the quality of hires by ensuring compatibility between employers and candidates

Find new hires up to 24X Faster *

Individualized matches for every role at every location

Advanced Features for Smooth Hiring

Cantaloupe offers in-app messaging, streamlined interview scheduling, detailed profile creation, curated job listings, compatibility scores, and advanced hiring analytics for smooth hiring.

Schedule an Interview Instantly

Discover Cantaloupe's premium features including in-app messaging, streamlined interview scheduling, detailed profile creation, curated job listings, compatibility scores, and advanced hiring analytics.

Constant Feedback

Decision Makers can leave comments on every aspect of the hiring process, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Trusted by Leading Brands

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Simplify your hiring process with cantaloupe. Sign up today and start matching with the ideal candidates quickly.

Simplify Your Hiring Process with Cantaloupe

From single-location cafes to hotel enterprises, every service and hospitality business is the right size for Cantaloupe. Sign up today and effortlessly connect with your ideal candidates.