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The First Predictive Hiring App for Service & Hospitality

How Cantaloupe Works

Cantaloupe uses an advanced algorithm to match jobseekers with roles by analyzing their skills and preferences against job requirements. This ensures a strong fit between the jobseeker and the role, enhancing job satisfaction and retention.

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For us, compatibility involves using advanced algorithms to match jobseekers’ skills and interests with appropriate roles. This alignment boosts job satisfaction and promotes longer tenure, benefiting employees and employers.

Personality & Preferences

We focus on personality and preferences in job matching because they are crucial for finding the right fit, especially in service roles. Knowing an individual's traits and likes helps us place them in jobs where they can excel, increasing their engagement and effectiveness.

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Modern Matchmaking

We’ve replaced resumes with a simple swipe-based platform that matches people with jobs they’ll love, using data to focus on deeper compatibility. This method aligns individual preferences and personality with suitable roles, improving job satisfaction and retention.

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Early Quits Can be Predicted

In the service and hospitality industry, it's important to consider factors often missed by resumes and job sites during initial interviews. These include personality fit, work environment preferences, values, and soft skills. Cantaloupe takes these and additional factors into account.

* Source: Bettye Holston Okae, 2018.

Hire and Get Hired  24X Faster

With Cantaloupe 

The average lead time for hiring in service and hospitality is 32 days. Cantaloupe streamlines this process by removing resumes, applications, and most manual filtering. We also allow job seekers to add video recommendations from references directly to their profiles. With Cantaloupe, we reduce the hiring process from 32 days to just hours.

*Research on Hospitality Lead Times , Cantaloupe Technologies Corporation. 2023

40+ Years

Of Organizational Behavior & Hospitality Research

Goes into programming Cantaloupe to deeply understand which personalities, preferences, and backgrounds best match various roles in service and hospitality. We regularly gather data from hiring managers and decision-makers at leading hotels, restaurants, and venues across the United States.

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