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No, Hospitality Hiring Hasn't Fully Recovered After COVID-19

An image of a hotel with the cantaloupe logo which reads "How Hotels are Still Struggling to Hire Post-COVID)
Cantaloupe Technologies Corporation is developing technology to help match jobseekers to opportunities in service and hospitality.

As the world edges past the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry is still grappling with significant hiring challenges. Despite the recovery, the "Future of Hospitality Hiring 2024" report from Hireology reveals that finding the right talent remains a major hurdle for many hotels.

Ongoing Hiring Difficulties

A striking 91% of hotels report that hiring continues to be a tough challenge. This high percentage underscores a key issue: the industry hasn't fully bounced back in terms of staffing since the pandemic. A critical shortage of quality talent stands out as the primary obstacle, complicating efforts to fill roles effectively.

Housekeeping: A Particularly Tough Position to Staff

Housekeeping roles are notably hard to fill, with 26% of hotels identifying these jobs as their most challenging vacancies. The demanding nature of the work and the unsociable hours contribute to the difficulty in attracting applicants to these positions.

The Rise of Workplace Culture as a Benefit

In response to these persistent challenges, many hotels are enhancing their workplace environment. Offering a great workplace culture has become a leading strategy to attract and retain employees, surpassing traditional incentives like salary increases. This shift indicates a broader recognition of the importance of a positive work environment in the hospitality sector.

The Role of Technology in Modern Hiring

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in streamlining hiring processes. About 53% of hotels now employ artificial intelligence tools to assist with recruitment, helping to manage applications and match candidates more efficiently. As a result, over half of the hotels can now complete their hiring processes in under two weeks, demonstrating the effectiveness of these technological solutions.

Addressing Hiring Struggles with New Tech :

Leading the charge in innovative hiring solutions is Cantaloupe, a platform spearheaded by CEO Joshua Anderson. Cantaloupe is designed to revolutionize how hotels connect with potential employees, moving away from traditional resumes and application processes to a more streamlined, technology-driven approach. Joshua Anderson explains the vision behind Cantaloupe:

"The old ways of hiring no longer meet the needs of today's job seekers or the hotels themselves. At Cantaloupe, we're making the hiring process simpler and more intuitive, ensuring that hotels and candidates find the right match quickly and efficiently."

The Road to Recovery

The hospitality industry's road to recovery post-COVID is marked by ongoing challenges in hiring. With innovative approaches like Cantaloupe, the sector is embracing new technologies and strategies to overcome these obstacles. By focusing on improving workplace culture and utilizing advanced recruitment tools, the industry is poised to attract and retain the talent needed to thrive in the new normal.

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