Cantaloupe Team

Christian Martinez

Summer Intern ‘24

Christian Martinez, from North Carolina, is a lover of baseball and a gifted jack-of-all-trades. From sales to programming, Christian enjoys experiencing it all. Currently studying at East Carolina University, he brings a versatile skill set and enthusiasm to every project he tackles.

Connor Gleason

Chief Marketing Officer

Connor Gleason hails from the plains of Chicago and is an expert in Deep Dish Pizza. With a passion for storytelling through video and a business degree, Connor has skillfully blended his love for storytelling with scaling startups. From creating educational videos in Italian to capturing the stories of hotel hiring for Cantaloupe, Connor is the man behind the camera, bringing a unique perspective and creativity to the team.

Emma Clements

UI / UX Designer

Emma Clements grew up in the suburbs of New Orleans, one of the most unique and creative cities in the country. Early on, she discovered her passion for design, focusing on beautiful simplicity. A graduate of Louisiana State University, Emma is a tech-driven designer with extensive experience in UI/UX design, bringing her unique touch and creativity to every project.

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