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Find Your Next Service Job With a Swipe

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Quality Job Matches

Cantaloupe helps you find jobs that match your skills and career goals, increasing your chances of long-term success and job satisfaction.

No Resumes, No Applications

Skip the hassle of resumes and lengthy applications. Set up a simple profile on Cantaloupe and start connecting with employers directly.

Like a Dating App

Our platform is as easy to use as a dating app, making your job search straightforward and enjoyable.

Personalized, Active Listings

Only see jobs that fit your profile and are actively hiring. Apply knowing that your efforts are targeting real opportunities.

Wanna know how Cantaloupe finds your compatible jobs?

The Smartest Way to Find a Job in Service + Hospitality

It's Free

Personalized Job Matches

It's Personalized

Swipe-Based Interface

It's Just for Service & Hospitality

Powered by Machine Learning

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